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The Importance of Proper Breathing During Exercise

I had planned to make my next post about good exercises for toning triceps, but with Christmas upon us and New Year’s weight loss and fitness resolutions just around the corner, touching on the importance of proper breathing during a workout stuck out as an important precursor before getting into the actual exercises. One of the biggest issues people have with sticking to an exercise regimen is that they get too tired or it’s unpleasant because of cramps, muscle burn, and all those other wonderful side-effects. Some people think you just plain have to have those in an effective workout, but that’s not entirely true.

Breathing properly during a workout is extremely important. All of the oxygen in your blood stream has to come from your lungs first, and if you’re having a hard time keeping those lungs full then your heart ends up working overtime. Your body temperature will rise faster, your heart will beat a heck of a lot faster and harder, and you end up with the feeling that you can’t catch your breath. This is not the kind of workout you can sustain, and it’s certainly not fun.

Proper workout breathing techniques have a number of purposes, and of course the first one is to get oxygen into your body during a workout. The lack of sufficient oxygen to keep waste removed from your hard-working muscle tissues causes lactic acid to build up, and those muscles start to burn. Proper breathing can stave off this burn, cause it to last for shorter periods of time, and help you reach that “second wind” a lot faster.

Finally, the proper type of breathing during a workout can help you reach the goals you want and stick to them better and for longer. You won’t tire as easy when you use proper breathing techniques during your workout so you’ll be able to go for longer periods of time without rest, which translates into more time within your target heart rate range for maximum fat-burning and muscle-building.

Where to get started? I’d suggest learning how to do these workout breathing techniques. You could go wandering around the web and see what good information you can find, but I’ve decided to make it a little bit easier – I wrote my own article on the subject. I’ll link my article on how to breathe during workouts for your education and approval. Bear in mind that these breathing techniques should be used during all workouts, no matter how low-impact they may be.

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