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Jogging to Lose Weight: What to Consider Before You Start

Are you looking to lose weight? Running is a simple method of exercise that you can implement with no equipment or gym membership. For someone who has never tried beginner running, jogging could be an effective way to work your way toward running on a regular basis. Jogging to lose weight has many advantages. Even if you ultimately want to start running, consider the benefits of jogging as an introductory exercise.

Jogging is simply a slower, gentler version of running, so if you don’t feel that you are in good enough physical shape to run, why not start with jogging to lose weight?

Advantages to Jogging

You may not realize that jogging has many health benefits. The main benefit of jogging to lose weight is that is easier on your knees and lower body. If you are not careful, beginner running can result in injury and long-term negative health effects. Research has also shown that jogging can help you sleep better, elevate your mood, decrease the risk of diabetes and cancer, and treat high blood pressure. Of course, one of the most attractive advantages to jogging is that it will help you lose weight!

Interval Exercise

Interval training has been proven to help people lose weight faster. Interval training simply means intense bursts of exercise followed by more low-intensity exercise. Walk for a few minutes and then jog for a few minutes. When you are ready to start running then you can alternate jogging and running. This method of exercise will help you burn more calories and lose more weight.


Remember that if you are jogging to lose weight, you have to combine a healthy, low-calorie diet with your exercise plan. Try to eat more fresh food and avoid food with preservatives and chemical additives. These foods will help you lose weight as well as help you have more energy to exercise. Overly-processed foods are difficult for your body to turn into energy. This will slow you down during your jog. Once you are ready to start beginner running, you’ll be happy that you changed your diet, because you will have the energy and power behind your exercise routine.


Before you begin any exercise of diet program, be sure to check with your family doctor. Especially if you are very overweight or have not exercised in long time, it is crucial that you check with a medical professional to understand if jogging to lose weight is right for you. Only your doctor can tell you what is best for your body.

If you haven’t been active for a few years, jogging can be a great transition to beginner running. You will be surprised at how quickly the weight will come off once you start exercising regularly. When you start out jogging, running will probably begin to come naturally over time. Let your body lead the way. When you are ready to push yourself and move to the next step, your body will let you know.