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Personal Fitness Update: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today marks the commencement of my post-pregnancy organized exercising! Just in time to warm up for the 500-mile challenge, which begins in two days, I finally heard back on the financial aid application from the YMCA and got my membership card. In celebration, my mom and I took a nice one-mile jaunt around the indoor walking path…

…where it quickly became apparent just how out-of-shape I am. It is a good thing that we didn’t have time for much more walking. On the best day, I am a mediocre power-walker at best – it has always been easier for me to simply break out into a run when I want to go faster. If this is your habit, it may be worth considering putting some effort into learning how to power-walk effectively. Power-walking is an excellent cardio workout, but it also does wonders for the hamstrings. Like those sleek, muscular legs that actresses and models unfailingly possess? This is one of those ways to get there and stay there.

On a more positive note, this short jaunt met with none of the soreness and abdominal pain that exercise has caused since the six-week post-baby mark, and I think it’s safe to say that I’m definitely ready to jump into the rigors of the 500-mile challenge, as well as training for the upcoming fun run season.

If all goes well I will be attempting one half-marathon this year, but shorter 5K fun runs for charity abound in this area. These are a great way for casual runners to get in a little bit of friendly competition, a nice workout in the fresh air, and help support a worthy cause while they’re at it.