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Getting Back Into Running After Time Off

Okay, my prolonged absence from personal fitness and the running world in general is a little more than “a little time off,” but the same principles apply. Let’s review. I’ve always been an avid fitness junkie, but then married into a toxic environment and gained over 100 pounds. Yes, you read that right — OVER A HUNDRED POUNDS. Yikes. So then I got divorced, then remarried, got back into fitness and started fixing that problem. Then had a baby. And another baby. Before you know it, I’m back to about 70 pounds above my goal weight.

So here I am, the 27-year-old mother of three who is, like a shocking number of women, totally unhappy with her physical fitness. After brief improvement followed by pregnancy, I can’t even jog slowly to the next block without feeling the burn. It’s truly square one for me. This is where we restart the journey that is this running journal.

One big tip for restarting…

The biggest thing I can say when you’re getting back into regular exercise and getting into shape is don’t expect too much of your body. At one time, I could take off cold and run for five miles. Now I warm up thoroughly and am short of breath within about 1/8 mile. Feel out what your body wants to do today, and push just barely beyond that. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about the exercise you want to do to make sure there are no major health concerns first.

Finding your way off the couch

Alright, so here we are getting started. Obviously, the biggest thing is to hydrate, eat healthy (note: this does NOT mean crash dieting…if you’re not sure what it means, let me know and I’ll do some food posts), and start off steady. If you push too hard too fast, you’re just going to end up sore and you’re not going to want to exercise.

Want to join me? Have you been doing anything up to this point? No? Go walk around the block, then come back and read more. I’ll wait. Don’t want to even get up and go outside? Try this, it’s even available for download right now:

Are you back? There’s your start. If you feel like you can’t even walk around the block once a day, walk in place beside your desk for five minutes. Try to take the stairs a little faster. Park a few more spaces away from the door.

My plan — first, I need to find the key to my treadmill. Wyoming has had a nasty winter this year, but I’ve been blessed with an office and jewelry studio space. This means that I can walk or run on the treadmill even in the dead of night without bothering anyone — at least once I find out what the kids did with the key. Happy exercising, and feel free to let me know how you’re doing.