Get Up and Move 2014 500-Mile Challenge

This is the original text for the 500-mile challenge in 2011 (scroll down to see what’s new):

Someone recently presented an excellent fitness idea for 2011 that I have decided to run with – a 500-mile challenge! Originally the idea was to run or walk 500 miles before the end of the year, but a few other people have chimed in with other great exercise-intensive methods of movement. As such, we will have two categories of “movers” for this challenge.

The Get Up and Move 2011 500-mile challenge will begin on Friday, January 28, 2011. Distances will then be submitted every Friday and updated here every Saturday for the duration of the challenge so we can all see how everyone else is doing and help encourage each other to greater distances. The last week’s distance numbers will be submitted on Friday, December 30, 2011 and total numbers will be posted on Saturday, December 31.

Essentially, the idea is to keep track of how far you go in miles with your chosen type of exercise(s) and post that distance in a comment here every week. These numbers will be added to your totals, with the goal of reaching 500. The first category includes those who are moving under their own power without additional equipment (except treadmills or elliptical machines) such as walking, running, and swimming. The second category are for those who would like to reach their 500-mile goal with bike riding, skating, horseback riding, roller blading, or any other such conveyance. Your category does not determine the ONLY things you can use for your 500 miles, we’re just trying to get a good idea of the primary methods you intend to use.

If you would like to have an e-mail reminder sent to you when it’s time to post new distances, simply change the option in the pull-down menu under the comments box to “subscribe to new comments” or “subscribe to new posts” and make sure that you have entered a valid e-mail address. No one else will see the e-mail address, it’s just to make sure that you know what’s going on with the site. I will post a new comment on the previous week’s thread, as well as a new post calling for numbers when it’s time to post for the week.

Participants may join at any time throughout the challenge and I will add them to the list, along with the start date (no earlier than January 28) and the date they reach 500 miles. Distances can be difficult to keep track of, but you can approximate the best you can based on average walking time, average step length and the number of steps on a pedometer, distance meters, GPS, or an estimate of the distance between two points. I’ve included a few products from Amazon that might be helpful if you want to really get gung-ho for the challenge and reaching future fitness goals. We’re not looking for exact numbers, we’re just looking for people who want to get in the habit of moving!

Check out the category for the 500-mile challenge for regular updates, participants, and a current leaderboard for everyone. Head on over to that category and leave a comment on the participants post to be added. At the end of the challenge, by request, I can also send each participant a weekly breakdown of their own distances if anyone would like to see their progress throughout the year. Good luck, and see you all at the starting line!


So, as many of you know, I kind of dropped the ball for the 2011 challenge. What ensued was a crazy roller-coaster of three years, during which I had two babies, significantly grew my business, and overall neglected my virtual exercise buddies. My sincere apologies for running away. BUT, I’m back! It’s a new year and a new chance to get healthier, so why not a new 500-mile challenge? I’m all done having babies, so time to whip this body into shape whether it likes it or not 😉

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